Friday, August 15, 2014

August 9 and 10 Captains' Bout Summaries

by #1214 Korean Lunchbox
Co-captain of the All Stars 
In one of the best competitive match ups of the season, the Mid-State Sisters of Skate took on the Cedar Valley Derby Divas on Saturday, August 9, 2014. The teams arrived ready to play, both battling for a win in this WFTDA-sanctioned bout. As the first whistle blew, it became apparent that every player on the track was going to give 110%. The game progressed, with Cedar Valley capturing the lead, but Mid-State tying it up in the second half. Defensive strategy was the name of the game and jammers from both teams fought to earn every point on the scoreboard. Despite the tremendous efforts put forth, Mid-State finished with a 12 point loss, 146-134.

It was a derby-filled weekend for the Sisters as they arrived to warm up at 7am on Sunday for their closed-door WFTDA-sanctioned bout against the Mississippi Valley Mayhem. Early as it was, skaters came ready to play. Again, showing team fortitude, Mid-State quickly took the lead and continued with a defense-heavy strategy. And, it worked. Mid-State finished the bout with a score of 331-121, a 210 point advantage.

The weekend a great example of our team banding together for a shared goal and I am extremely proud of each and every player. Long hours of practice and scrimmages, and a positive team attitude, made two huge wins in my opinion.   

Double Derby
By: #99 Lollypopya
Captain of the All Stars
On Saturday August 9 at Arnott Lions Park, the Mid-State Sisters of Skate (MSSOS) hosted the Cedar Valley Derby Divas (CVDD) from Waterloo, IA. For both teams, it was the first of two sanctioned bouts for the weekend. The strength of CVDD’s defense proved itself early on, as they sent the MSSOS jammers to penalty box five times in the first eight minutes of play. The MSSOS defense met the challenge, keeping the damage from CVDD’s power plays minimal, while their jammers found a rhythm. From then on it was a back and forth fight each jam, but CVDD maintained the lead they had gained early on. The period ended with 53 points for MSSOS and 66 for CVDD.
The second period was even more intense that the first, with the score difference in the single digits multiple times. After a couple of power jams, MSSOS took over the lead. With a few minutes left on the clock, CVDD rallied to score lead five straight jams and take over the lead. Final score 146-134 CVDD.
Bright and early the next day, the first whistle blew for a sanctioned bout of MS-SOS and Mississippi Valley Mayhem (MVM) of La Crosse. Shortly after 8 AM, and before everyone had finished their morning coffee, the bout was underway. MSSOS took the lead with a 14-0 jam to start things off, and never gave that lead up. Both teams kept the penalty box crew busy, racking up a combined total of 86 penalties. MSSOS did a great job of taking advantage of their own power plays, with multiple jams over 25 points. Final score 331-121 MSSOS with the win.
Although we came up short against CVDD, the number of successes in both games is something to be proud of, and something I am proud of. We saw things we have been working on coming together, and know what we need to perfect in preparation for our next bout. A big thank you to CVDD and MVM for being a part of a great weekend.

Friday, July 18, 2014

July 12 Captains' Bout Summary

By Rose Redrum
Pearl Jammers Captain
Even though the Pearl Jammers was the more experienced of the two Mid-State Sisters of Skate's teams, they did not take victory for granted. The Dairy Airs' sense of cohesion and team work were definitely a threat. Going into the July 12th bout against the Dairy Airs, the Pearl Jammers had to deepen their jamming bench and jam skaters that usually didn't wear the star, like Angela SmAshes.  That strategy as well as powerful defensive walls with blockers like Deja Vu, Hells Belski, and Buss-N-U-Up, proved to be too much for the quick, agile Dairy Airs Jammers.

The theme of the night was derby love, in spite of the fierce competition and skaters thoroughly enjoyed skating against their league mates, sharing the track for introductions and the post-bout victory lap.

The Pearl Jammers used offense off the line to get their jammers through first most of the time. DA jammers just couldn't manage to break through enough to gain the advantage of lead jammer. The Dairy Airs fell behind in the first half and never quite made up the difference, plagued by penalties and losing Korean Lunchbox to a broken plate. Regardless of the score, the Dairy Airs fought until the very last jam and the score on the board was just a number.

The Euthanizer
Dairy Airs Captain
The Mid State Sisters of Skate home teams had their first bout against each other on Saturday, The Sweet Dairy Airs took on the Pearl Jammers. 

Despite the loss against them, we held our heads high. We were very proud of ourselves! We worked very hard to accomplish many things we have been working on the past couple weeks. 

Our team stayed positive and had a lot of fun on the track. We did some great hitting and had lots of hugs afterwords. 

Thank you PJs for an awesome game!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

You Can't Keep a Good Derby League Down

By Rose Redrum

For the past four years, The Mid-State Sisters of Skate have been looking for a permanent, year-round practice/bouting facility. We have made countless calls, sent emails, letters, and looked at tons of empty buildings.

Until we find our perfect forever home, we practice at the Lion's Club's building, where we have hosted every single one of our home bouts. We have never had to cancel a bout, even when the roof leaked and we feared the rain wouldn't stop in time.

The vagaries of a non-climate controlled facility are many. Our skaters and fans suffer with heat and cold. Usually, our polished concrete floor is as smooth as silk (but hard as iron when you fall on it.)  Last Saturday was different.

You see, we have suffered a cold, rainy spring and a late summer here in Central Wisconsin. And our concrete floor hasn't had a lot of time to get warm and stay warm. Concrete is porous and that makes it great--it can adjust and flex with the temperature without cracking. But as the outside temperature rose on Saturday, our floor started sweating--literally. Ever hold a cold can of beer on a hot day? The moisture condenses on the outside of the can as the liquid inside begins to rise to the temperature outside.

When we got to the venue and realized that we had a problem, we sprang into action. We knew we needed to raise the temperature in the building so we threw open the doors, plugged in the fans and hoped for the best.

The best wasn't good enough. So we turned to BubbleWrap's husband. Mr. BubbleWrap has experience working on highways, with concrete and agreed that the temperature needed to be raised fast. That was when he got the torch.

Mr. BubbleWrap spent HOURS going over every inch of the track. And it worked. BubbleWrap and Euthanizer followed him around with the propane tanks, slowly drying up all the moisture while our track rats worked with the tape and the rope to reinstall the track boundaries.

We begged for patience and apologized to our visiting skaters. We had a fabulous crowd, most of whom weathered our problems with us. 

It proved to be too much for some of our visitors and as the Pearl Jammers prepared to take the track, the other team decided not to skate and forfeited. Luckily, Team Unicorn from Madison's Mad Rollin' Dolls
were ready to skate in minutes and our double header became a single header as the Sweet Dairy Airs took on the Unicorns.  The final score was Team Unicorn: 304 to Sweet Dairy Airs: 92.

And we had an AWESOME time! We do everything we can to run our league and keep our skaters safe. Our love for derby knows no bounds. Like most DIY Derby Girls we GET. IT. DONE.

So many thanks to Mr. Bubblewrap, Team Unicorn, the fans and to Chubby's Photography for the fantastic photos. As a thank you to our fans, all tickets for our next home bout on July 12 will be just $5. Kids still get in free.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

If the Skater Can't Go to RollerCon, Bring RollerCon to the Skater

by Rose Redrum

Not every roller derby skater can afford to go to RollerCon--that annual derby extravaganza where skaters can take classes from the rock stars of the derby world. I’ve gone twice and managed to bring back a teeny bit of knowledge to my teammates. When our Training Director asked who we'd like to have come do a workshop with us, there was no question in my mind who we should choose.

Mid-State Sisters of Skate is bringing a bit of RollerCon to Central Wisconsin in the bold, brassy, blonde form of Dirty Deborah Harry.

Dirty Debbie (aka Deborah Labriola-Monterrosa) hails from Orange County, California and the OC Rollergirls.  The OC is steeped in derby culture, with flat-track, banked-track, juniors, and co-ed derby teams.  DDH grew up in a skating family and has skating in her blood. The daughter of a skating instructor, a speed skater, and having grown up a rink rat in her uncle’s skating rink, she is a natural teacher and a kick-ass skate mechanic to boot.

A one-two combination of a killer smile and a wicked sense of humor makes her students feel at ease, no matter their own skills. Her teaching philosophy is simple: She teaches to all skill levels at the same time. Rather than focus on watching a super skater execute jumps and transitions, newer skaters can focus on their own body and skates and learning how to make them work together.

Debbie watches a track full of skaters, offering encouragement and positive reinforcement--quick to cut off the “Oh, I can’t do THAT” with “YET--you can’t do that, YET.”

The average derby career is short--three or four years--so the influx of skaters always presents a fresh flock of newbies, nervously scooting around the track, insecure and unsure if they’ll ever reach a point where they can feel confident and powerful enough to play the way their heroes play.

DDH is the living embodiment of that confidence. She has shared the track with derby royalty like Atomatrix and Quadzilla, but travels with world (literally, continents) to teach nervous new skaters how to do transitions or make simple jumps and blocks, or work with veterans to improve their skills. She is quick to remind veterans that no matter how good they are, there is ALWAYS a better skater out there. And that means that there is also someone YOU are better than.

After her last session at Rollercon in 2012, I sat down and had a beer to discuss teaching derby. She is down to earth and self-deprecating. She is a warm, funny, and caring person who really believes that reaching newer skaters is key to helping the sport.

Making skaters feel comfortable and confident is an important step to building a derby player. Derby is a game and it should be fun. Laughing at yourself and keeping your performance in perspective is a good way to improve. It’s also hella fun.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Home Bout on June 21

Mid State Sisters of Skate will be hosting the Mankato Area Derby (MAD) Girls and the Illinois Valley Vixens.  First bout will be our home team-The Pearl Jammers going up against Mankato.  Second bout will be our other home team-The Sweet Dairy Aires going up against the Illinois Valley Vixens.

Bout will be held at 6768 4th St. Stevens Point, WI (Arnott Lions Park in Arnott)

Tickets are $10 per person (cash or check only at the venue, no ATM). Kids 12 and under get in FREE! Seating is limited so feel free to bring a chair or those over 18 can sit track side in our Suicide Seating.

A portion of the proceeds goes to support our local Project Lifesaver. Visit their page to learn more about this lifesaving program: and You can also visit with an officer at the bout to learn more.

You can RSVP on Facebook:

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Home Season Opener!

Our first home bout of the 2014 season is almost here!
Come out and watch as Mid-State Sisters of Skate take on some friendly competition from Illinois! We will welcome the Aurora 88's from Aurora, Illinois.

The doors open at 5:30 pm and the first whistle blows at 6. 

Tickets are $10 for adults and kids 12 and under get in FREE! 

Bleacher seating is limited so feel free to bring a chair or sit track side in the Suicide Seating for an up close experience.

Concessions are available for purchase, so please, no carry-ins. Cash only and there is no ATM on site.

Don't miss your first chance to see the Mid-State Sisters of Skate at home this season!

Who: Mid-State Sisters of Skate and YOU!
What: Roller Derby double header
Where: Arnott Lions Park, 6867 4th St. Stevens Point, WI
When: Doors open at 5:30

Friday, April 11, 2014

Answer to Trivia Question in New Trivia Times

Answer:  C

Roller derby has strict rules about legal target areas.  Elbows are not allowed and if you use one you will earn yourself 30 seconds in the penalty box.  To learn more about the rules of roller derby check out Women's Flat Track Derby Association -